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World of Pigs UK - Pigs Might Fly


Pigs in Films

Pigs and piglets make for some of the cutest characters in animations and films from the classic Babe to Winnie The Pooh, Here's some more recent films that you might not have seen yet

Charlottes Web

This remake Charlottes Web, based on the classic book by E.B.White used 50 pigs all playing the part of Wilber on the set of Zuckerman Farm. This babe style film mixes state of the art special effects with live action.

Pig films from You Tube

This Little Piggie

A short film about some pigs, some corned beef and some peas.

Made using an Olympus digital camera and Microsoft Movie Maker

Pigs used were an old stuffed toy and a free promotion pig from PigsBack.Com

Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep from CBBC and Aardman Animation regularly has scrapes with the neighbouring pigs

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